Fellowship Ministers Meeting On 15 Feb 2021

One Day Believers Seminar 2021

Held at Pak Tabernacle Assembly (Church) on 5th of February 2021.

Seminar 2021

A special request to all the saints around the globe to kindly keep this upcoming Seminar in your personal prayers.

God bless you all!

Eye Witnessing Night Held On 16 November 2019

 Pastor Shamoon Yaqoob Missionary Tour in Punjab Province (Pakistan ’19) 
Brother Krzok Missionary Trip to Karachi Pakistan

(10 Days Meeting)

Blessed Convention on 01-01-2019
Seminar 14th August 2018

Fellowship Ministers Meeting By Pastor Shamoon Yaqoob

One Day Believers Seminar

Meeting In Lyari Karachi

Thanksgiving Meeting

Daley Key, Sialkot

2 Days Meeting Held In Palki Daki, Gujranwala

Groceries Distribution During COVID-19

Medical Camp July 2019 By Pak Tabernacle Assembly

Ghulampura, Gujranwala