About Us
“Our Religion is not a history. It’s a living fact; it’s a living God; it’s a living experience.”
– William Marrion Branham –
Pak Tabernacle Assembly Church (Regd) is a ministry that is dedicated to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus  Christ and the Spoken Word which has been spoken through God’s Prophet which he has sent in this last age to prepare the Bride for the second coming of the Lord.
Christianity doesn’t mean somebody that belongs to a certain church; it means that somebody’s been borned in the Kingdom of God. See?
    50-0815 – Who Is God?
    Rev. William Marrion Branham
Pak  Tabernacle  was  founded in 2003 when Brother Shamoon Yaqoob Masih in 2002 accepted the Message.
We Only Believe that whatever the Word says,  We are End Time Message Believers and we do stand proudly  with the Word and the Message because it’s God speaking to his Bride in this Last Age through the Prophet and in this End time it’s the Bride of Christ the Elected ones who have received the Spiritual Revelation and has recognized the Voice of God in this age and in this Hour. 
The Bride has seen the Word of God fulfilling that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and his Word came to pass when Brother William Marrion Branham (Brother Branham) was born on 6th April 1909 the Scripture of Malachi 4:5 fulfilled.
We do not subscribe to any man-made creeds and our only “doctrinal statement” is our belief in the absolute authority of the Word of God. We acknowledge only the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.